Monday, January 5, 2009

12th October to 17th December 1973

Isle of Skye

12th October - 2nd November
Troop Fitter deployed with 45 Cdo RM, to the Isle of Skye, to set up the Base Camp and Generator.

12th October - 25th October
Troop deployed to the Isle of Skye, training on the Cuillins Mountain Range.
Whilst on the Mountain Ridge, a severe storm blew up, forcing them to come down.
On arriving at the base camp, they found that too had blown away.
For two days, whilst the Base Camp was re-built, only Tomato Soup and Mussels were available.

2nd November - 2nd December
Troop records are missing for this period.
Troop possibly on the Isle of Grain, working with Shaped Explosives, blowing soil everywhere, splitting trees and bolders, but most of all, trying to cover each other in soil.

13th December - 17th December
Troop movements not known.
Troop Fitter sent to Plymouth, to collect essential Stores and new Troop Lads.

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