Thursday, January 8, 2009

28th September - 29th October 1972
Condor Base
Time to catch up on leave, half the troop away at a time.
Vehicles being cleaned and maintained, Troop equipment being cleaned thoroughly and maintained.

5th October
Major David Hillard left the troop, destined for Germany to command a Regiment.
Captain Allan McLean took over command of Condor Troop, with Lt John Moore-Bick as our Junior Officer "Troopy".
Joe Morrison (Troop Clerk) was ordered to return to the Squadron, he tore up the letter and it took the Squadron another year, to realise he had not reported and was still with Condor Troop.

30th October - 3rd November 1972
Glen Cova
Troop moved to Lunan Bay, near Red Head Mountain.
This was a relaxing week, gentle exercises to get fit, ready for the Isle of Skye.
The troop practised:
Cliff Climbing, using ropes
Abseilling back down
Casavacing injured men
Moving large and heavy objects, user tree trunks as rollers, to move the objects across the mountain.

6th November - 16th November 1972
Isle of Skye
Under control of the Royal Marine Winter Warfare Cadre, we undertook Cliff Climbing and Mountain Survival techniques, on the Cuillins Mountain Range.
Base Camp was set-up by the Marines, with our Troop Fitter being responsible for the Generator and Electrical Lines.
Up on the Mountain, Ridge tents were used, one or two man tents, barely high enough to crawl into.
This was a full 45 Commando Group exercise.
Weather was so un-predictable, changing extremely fast, though rain was almost guarenteed.

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