Saturday, January 12, 2008

Condor Troop Outline 1976 - 79 18th January - 18th March 1976 Norway Troop based at Skjold. Tasked with building a Single-Single Bailley Bridge. Taff Stubbington

13th May - 15th June 1976 Northern Ireland 1976 Cyprus Tour

12th November - 10th December 1976 Norway

May/June 1978 - Cyprus Tour

Condor Troop deployed with the Squadron for 6 weeks, tasked with Engineering to aid local communities and Military training, which included an Inter-Troop/Section Competitions.

During the Engineering phase, Condor Troop was based alone at RAF Akrotiri.

The Troop task was strip out an existing Bailley Bridge, used by locals to reach their village and replace with a new Bridge, near Episkopi.

The old bridge was in an unsafe condition, as nearly all the clamps and pins had been removed.

Both banks had to be re-built, the bridge came from Dahkelia, a permanent Double-Single Bailley bridge with a roadway to & from it.

To avoid locals stealing the pins and clamps, these were welded into place, to the main bridge structure.

Left to right:

Sitting on bridge ???, Sooty Geary, REME L/Cpl ???, Spanner Wright, ???, ???, Ossie Osbourne?, Tich Hines, S/Sgt Smiles. Two lads in the foreground ??.

Can any one help with Names?

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